Florida Pompano


Few American species of fish inspire as much devotion as the Florida Pompano. Along the Gulf Coast, where it’s most common, it is without a doubt the gold standard, and has commanded premium prices for over a century. Now, a high-quality farmed option provides year-round access to this exceptional fish.


the fish

Florida Pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) are native to the Gulf waters of Panama. Unfortunately, throughout much of their range — from the mid-Atlantic US coast to Brazil — pompano have been overfished, and wild populations are precarious in places. Even in US waters, where regulations tend to be more robust, commercial landings of Florida Pompano are famously inconsistent and seasonally variable. Luckily, like many other members of the jack family (Carangidae), pompano take well to cultivation.

Dyer Aqua is currently the only producer of farmed Florida Pompano, and they have been bringing their fish to the US market since 2005, providing fresh, dependable, year-round access to this exceptional fish.

the farm

The farm is located in the protected waters of the Laguna de Chiriqui, which lies just outside the hurricane zone. The site, over two miles from the closest island and eight miles from the mainland, benefits from swift tidal currents, which help to mitigate environmental impacts as well as provide a vigorous environment for grow out.

Production from egg to harvest is completely integrated, allowing for total quality control throughout the process. Broodstock comes from local Panamanian waters, and genetic lines are regularly replenished with wild input. Fish are raised in low-density pens of 10 kg per cubic meter and are monitored with daily dives. No chemicals or anti-fouling agents are used on the nets.


in the kitchen

Despite the relatively high fat content, pompano is a famously delicate fish. Nonetheless, there is almost nothing that Florida Pompano can’t do. While traditionally cooked whole (usually fried), pompano produces surprisingly large, creamy white fillets that are as good on the grill as in a pan. Thanks to a carefully controlled diet and method of slaughter, Dyer Aqua pompano are excellent in raw applications as well.


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