Glenarm Organic Salmon

Northern Ireland

In an age of increasingly large, globally consolidated fish farms, Glenarm Organic Salmon is an outlier.  Their unique, independent approach retains the spirit of traditional animal husbandry while embracing 21st century innovation.

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the fish

Salmon occupies a unique and cherished place in Irish culture, appearing in myths and origin tales. Yet its most cherished place is on the table. And so Glenarm Organic Salmon was established in 2008, based on a simple philosophy of celebrating a storied and iconic fish through the highest standards of organic husbandry.

From breeding to feed to environmental monitoring, Glenarm prioritizes the health and welfare of their fish by diligent care and rigorous adherence to standards that meet or even exceed those set by the Organic Food Federation.   

The result is fillets that are firm, yet well appointed with fat, making them outstanding in cooked applications, and perhaps even better suited to preserving, curing, fermenting, and cold or hot smoking.  

the farm

The only salmon farm in the Irish Sea, Glenarm produces superior organic salmon at farm sites in Glenarm Bay and Red Bay, near the village of Glenarm in County Antrim.  

Farm sites are located in the dynamic coastal waters of the Irish Sea, where the vigorous tidal currents provide an ideal home for salmon. The unusually low stocking density of 10kg per cubic meter of water allows the salmon to grow in a humane and healthy environment.

Because the farm sites are located in isolated areas of the Northern Irish coast, no antibiotics or medicines are necessary to treat disease or parasites. While maintaining the highest standards, Glenarm is continually assessing its practices and operations in order to improve welfare and quality.

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in the kitchen

Every aspect of Glenarm operations is designed towards producing fish equal in quality to wild Atlantic salmon but with more consistency in texture, shape, size and flavor. Fillets are firm, yet well appointed with fat. Thus, while Glenarm Organic salmon is outstanding in cooked applications, it is perhaps even better suited to preserving, curing, fermenting, and cold or hot smoking.  


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