Hollie Wood Oysters


Greg and Hollie Wood have been growing beautiful, deep-cupped oysters in the waters off Denman Island, BC, since 1996. Hollie Wood Oysters offer a taste of the Pacific Northwest with three distinct profiles.


the shellfish

Hollie Wood Oysters raises three types of oysters  — Satori, Zen, and Glacier — with three distinctly different flavor profiles based on their environment before harvest. All of their oysters begin their grow-out in a deep water lease and are tumbled in a machine to shape them and give them a deep cup.

The Satori has a fresh taste of the sea, with a moderately briny flavor that ends with a hint of cucumber.  These are beach-hardened oysters that have a strong shell and firm meat.

Zen oysters are younger and boast a mildly sweet flavor with a delicate fresh melon finish. They’re very tender and perfect for raw oyster beginners.

The Glacier is named for the Comox Glacier, which feeds nutrient-dense freshwater into Baynes Sound, where the oysters live and eat. The flavor profile is tender and sweet with a hint of melon.

the farm

Hollie Wood Oysters is a family-owned shellfish farm in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, operating since 1996. Their oysters benefit from massive coastal upwellings, where nutrient-rich masses of deep, salty, cold ocean water are brought to the surface through convection currents to mix with the upper layers of the column. The result is an explosion of planktonic life — a feast for the oysters.

Oyster farming is inherently sustainable, as no feed is required, and oysters proactively keep the water clean and healthy. Throughout their lives, the oysters are carefully exposed to different environments and occasionally raised out of the water and gently tumbled to remove fouling organisms. The result of this pampering is an oyster perfectly formed for restaurants and discerning connoisseurs.

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in the kitchen

Typically, the Zen has an attractive purplish color on the inside of the shell, with an almost purple tint around the fringe of the meat. The Satori has a nice shell for shucking because it has been hardened on the beach longer, so there is less "frill" on the edges and less crumbling at the hinge.  The Glacier has the deepest cup of the three, with the most delicate flavor.


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