J.C. David Cold Smoked Fish


At the historic center of French maritime activity, fish smokers in Boulogne-sur-Mer have had generations to master their craft. For almost 40 years, J.C. David has smoked herring using the same methods as their predecessors: a multi-day brine followed by a gentle smoke in custom kilns. J.C. David’s artisanal process takes three times longer than modern methods, yielding a smoked fish comparable to none.


J.C. David cold smoked herring

This is where the eco mandate of eating low on the food chain gets luxurious. This J.C. David MSC-certified delicacy is recognized in France as the “Rolex of herring.” With its light salt content and delicate flavor, it pairs perfectly with meals you would typically use salmon for. J.C. David Cold Smoked Herring is also remarkable in classic French preparations of patés and rillettes.

j.c. David cold smoked haddock

Smoked haddock is a classic of both French and British cuisine. The salting of the fish is very mild, and it gets its yellow color from annato seeds. J.C. David Cold Smoked Haddock gives a new spin to traditional favorites like seafood chowder, Caesar salad, and seafood quiche. It also creates a succulent variation on eggs benedict — a benedict “Breton.” J.C. David Cold Smoked Haddock is also remarkable in classic French preparations of patés and rillettes. Or try a classic British kedgeree with curried rice.

kippers in shell01.jpg

artisan process

J.C. David is one of the last French smokehouses to smoke exclusively in the traditional manner: they brine the herring for a minimum of 21 days then delicately smoke in their wood-burning ovens called “corréses.” J.C. David combines the best of old world techniques with the mastery required by food safety regulations.


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Certifications, Ratings and Awards

J.C. David is the recipient of the Coq d’or 2009, an award which recognizes the best products of France and Europe. This smoked herring is certified by Saveurs en’Or, a regional quality certification in Northern France. J.C. David is audited at least once a year by an independent organization to ensure they meet these standards.

Herring used is MSC certified.