Laughing Bird Shrimp

Costa Rica

Farmed in healthy, transparent, and equitable conditions in Costa Rica, Laughing Bird Shrimp stand apart from the commodity hoards. Not only are they traceable and raised to the highest environmental standards, Laughing Bird Shrimp are firm, sweet, and never treated with chemicals.

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the shrimp

Laughing Bird Shrimp are Pacific Whiteleg shrimp. While hundreds of species are caught, farmed, and marketed, few are as esteemed. Pacific Whiteleg are famed for their taste and texture, and are prized by European chefs for their smaller size. Laughing Bird Shrimp are always firm, sweet and never give off excess water in the pan like chemically treated shrimp do.

No hormones or antibiotics are ever used in production, and all feed ingredients are certified organic. Fishmeal and fish oil used in feed come only from seafood processing by-products.

the farm

Laughing Bird Shrimp are produced at 12 farms in Costa Rica by a consortium of farmers who came together in 2011 and agreed to cooperatively produce shrimp according to the same exacting, EU organic standards — same feed, same practices, same processors, and same dedication to producing some of the world’s best shrimp.

Beyond robust Costa Rican regulations and organic standards, the producers of Laughing Bird Shrimp believe in humane, intelligent operations focused on the welfare of the shrimp and stewardship of the environment. Pond sites are located slightly inland to protect mangroves and other critical wetland habitat. Ponds are never lined with plastic, and are drained and sun-dried to fallow between generations. Most crucially, stocking density in the ponds is lower than most shrimp farms globally, so that even aeration, and the energy it uses, is not necessary.


In the Kitchen

Typically a variety of shrimp used by European chefs in sauces or to accompany vegetables, Laughing Bird Shrimp take just as well to center-of-the-plate treatment. Tender enough to poach or steam, they’re equally good on the grill, sautéed, and fried. They’re also an excellent choice for cold presentations such as seafood towers or fruits de mer platters.


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Certifications and Awards

EU organic, BCS Oko-Garantie, BSCI social audit