Menja Arctic Char


When Viking settlers first arrived in Iceland in the year 874, they found Arctic char thronging the rivers and lakes. This rosy-fleshed, light and refined alternative to salmon is a star in both cooked and raw applications.


the fish

Menja has been a part of Arctic char farming since 1989 when the first farms in Iceland started production. Harvests have grown every year since. Today, this superior fish is raised with loving care and pride by the farmers working under the Menja cooperative brand. Arctic char farming has been managed under Iceland’s exacting environmental regulations, with the result that growth has been structured towards long-term sustainability.  

The diet of Menja Arctic Char mimics that of local wild Arctic char closely, and contains no antibiotics, medicines or land animal byproducts. Marine content is sourced from sustainable Icelandic fishery resources. The char’s flesh, while redolent and rich, is slightly sweet, with a cleaner taste than salmon.

the farm

Iceland is blessed with an abundance of pure, fresh water from a multitude of sources. The farms allow the cold waters flowing down from the mountains to mix with the mineral-laden geothermal waters, thus ensuring the ideal temperature, flow, and purity of the waters in which the Arctic char swim. This same wealth of water also means that more than 99% of the electricity used in Iceland is generated from hydro or geothermal sources, helping to keep the carbon footprint of Menja Arctic Char among the lowest of any farmed fish.  

Cooperation among associated farms allows for a high degree of integrated production and quality control. The cultivated broodstock are themselves descended from wild fish caught in the frigid lakes of Iceland.

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in the kitchen

Arctic char’s nutritional value is naturally quite high, especially omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin D. The flesh, while redolent and rich, is slightly sweet, with a cleaner taste than salmon. While Arctic char has traditionally been regarded as a cooking fish, in recent decades more chefs have come to appreciate its delicate raw flavor.


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Certifications, Ratings and Awards


Farmed Arctic char is ranked “Green — Best Choice” by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.