Nordic Blu Salmon

Superior Environment.

Superior Taste.

Nordic Blu is the highest eco-rated farmed Atlantic salmon in the world.

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Fish you can trust with a difference you can taste.

CleanFish brings together visionary producers at the cutting edge of responsible farming and champions them in the marketplace under traceable, transparent brands for seafood that’s the best of the season, better every season.  

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King Kampachi Stars in Boston

CleanFish sponsored a gathering of 24 chefs (12 from Boston, 12 from elsewhere in the country) to introduce King Kampachi to them and over 400 food-loving members of the public who attended the three 12-course dinners through the traveling chef retreat and dinner series known as Chefs Feed Indie Week.

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Mauritius Redfish

Along the Gulf and Lower Atlantic coasts, few fish inspire as much loyalty and love as redfish. Its white flesh is delicate enough to fry and firm enough to grill. It’s well suited to raw dishes, like ceviche, too. Its mild flavor makes it a perfect counterpoint to strong flavors and bold spices.

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NEW! Aquna Murray Cod

(Hint: it’s not really cod) From the southeast corner of Australia comes a one-of-a-kind fish found nowhere else. The pale white fillet, buttery and mild, has a delicate texture with a thick large flake. Raw, Murray Cod is exceptionally clean and sweet, with a crispy bite reminiscent of Hirame.

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Loch Duart Scottish Salmon

From the rugged Scottish Highlands, Loch Duart has built an international reputation for truly exceptional tasting salmon through pioneering advances in animal husbandry and feed composition. From the French Laundry to the Royal Wedding, Loch Duart has graced the most discriminating tables in the world.

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The future is farmed.

At CleanFish, we’re committed to aquaculture as an essential part of a sustainable future, and we advocate for the best, most innovative practices — one delicious meal at a time.

Ask for seafood that’s part of the CleanFish portfolio at your favorite restaurant and market.