Nordic Blu Salmon has arrived

Rated ‘Green—Best Choice’ by the Seafood Watch® program

Brought to North America exclusively by CleanFish.



Fish you can trust with a difference you can taste.

CleanFish brings together visionary producers at the cutting edge of responsible farming and champions them in the marketplace under traceable, transparent brands for seafood that’s the best of the season, better every season.  

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NEW! King Kampachi from Mexico

The story of this remarkable fish began in Hawaii with Kona Kampachi, the pioneering open ocean fish farm that won praise from chefs across the country. Now the same fish are being raised in Mexico with a cutting-edge operation brought to commercial scale. Perfect for summer grilling!

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Halibut in the Raw? With farmed you can.

Even when wild Pacific halibut is in season, there’s still a place on menus for farmed Nordic Halibut. The carefully controlled diet and environment of Nordic Halibut means it can go where its wild cousin can’t — including into crudo, sashimi and ceviches.

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RETAIL: What makes a shrimp a CleanFish Shrimp?

Learn more about the new retail-ready frozen organic CleanFish Shrimp from Costa Rica.

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NEW! Aquna Murray Cod

From the southeast corner of Australia comes a one-of-a-kind fish found nowhere else. The pale white fillet, buttery and mild, has a delicate texture with a thick large flake. Raw, Murray Cod is exceptionally clean and sweet, with a crispy bite reminiscent of Hirame.

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The future is farmed.

At CleanFish, we’re committed to aquaculture as an essential part of a sustainable future, and we advocate for the best, most innovative practices — one delicious meal at a time.

Ask for seafood that’s part of the CleanFish portfolio at your favorite restaurant and market.