Loch Duart Salmon


From the rugged Scottish Highlands, Loch Duart has built an international reputation for truly exceptional tasting salmon through pioneering advances in animal husbandry and feed composition. From the French Laundry to the Royal Wedding, Loch Duart has graced the most discriminating tables in the world.

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the fish

“It’s not salmon — it’s Loch Duart.”

In the wild, salmon eat incredible amounts of fish, and Loch Duart keeps its feed as close to nature as possible. Loch Duart is unique in the industry in having a feed with more than 60% marine content, and without putting additional pressure on wild fisheries. The marine content in Loch Duart’s feed is composed almost entirely of processing by-products from an MSC-certified capelin fishery in Iceland that harvests the roe for export and typically discards the rest.

From the freshwater hatchery fed on Highland streams, to grow-out in low-density marine pens, Loch Duart practices completely integrated production. As of 2019, broodstock is 100% Scottish genetic lines.   

the farm

The founders of Loch Duart started operations in 1999, and they were from the beginning determined to prove that there was a better way to raise salmon — as close to wild as possible — working with nature instead of against it.

Loch Duart is dedicated to animal welfare and environmental stewardship. The farm worked for three years with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) to craft guidelines for ethical aquaculture, and was the first farm in the UK certified by the RSPCA Assurance scheme. Stocking density is well below industry standard, never more than 98.5% water to 1.5% fish. No antibiotics are ever used in production. Innovative and environmentally responsible solutions to sea lice, including desalination and the use of ballan wrasse cleaner fish.

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In the Kitchen

No other farmed salmon benefits from the capelin-rich diet upon which Loch Duart salmon thrive, so no other salmon can come close to that rich, natural taste that has made Loch Duart one of the most trusted salmons in finer kitchens around the world.  


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ISO 14001, Global GAP, RSPCA Assured, Label Rouge, Friend of the Sea