Executive Team

Mike Moniz

Managing Director

After 10+ years of experience in corporate advisory for privately held companies, Mike has transitioned to aquafarms and into a career, he’s genuinely passionate about — sustainable seafood. He takes a vision and makes it a reality through sound strategy development. Seeing the threads of opportunity that whisk through an organization, he guides them together into a coherent whole, helps others extend their thinking, and drives tangible business advantage.

Currently, as Managing Director, Mike oversees the operations of a multi-million dollar organization. He and his fellow Directors led the successful buyout of stakeholders and transitioned the company to a minority employee-owned, privately held organization. He is now spearheading major strategic shifts for transforming logistics from a functional focus to an enabler of innovation for the business and bolstering the finance division so that it supports a truly global company.

Previously, while at DiSanto Priest, & Co. CPAs and as an independent consultant, Mike led business growth for a broad base of companies in various industries, including real estate, financial services, retailers, and professional services companies. His strategic areas of experience include income tax, capital financing, and complex workout matters.

Michael Geraty


A Boston native with a passion for fishing, Mike led a successful career in real estate before bringing his entrepreneurial spirit to the seafood industry. Mike purchased Wulf's Fish Market in 2014 and helped transform the small family business into the thriving distribution business known as Wulf's Fish today. Mike has a vision of creating a transparent connection between fisherman and fish farms direct with processors and distributors, and restaurants and retail consumers. With the successful acquisition of CleanFish in 2018, Mike took one step further in bringing wonderfully sourced seafood to the consumer.

Stephen Collias


In a career spanning more than 30 years, Stephen has held positions of increasing scope and responsibility. He is directly responsible for over $250M of investments in Real Estate, Debt, and Company Acquisitions. He currently serves as the President of Equidebt and is the Chief Investment Officer of Sea2050. He has managed multiple company operations and business plans for both public and private firms.

Previous positions included President of Franklin Pacific Finance, President of KWP Financial at Kennedy Wilson International, Senior Asset Manager for the Resolution Trust Corporation, Director of Development at S.J. Collias Company as well as the Vice President of Development at Pacific West Development. Stephen has extensive experience in real estate acquisitions, real estate development, asset management, and joint venture relationship management from both the operator and financial side of the table.

Supply Chain

Karim Machi

Director of Purchasing

Karim knows seafood. Before joining CleanFish in 2006, he spent 18 years managing a Japanese seafood market in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco. Those years of experience with retail customers, then chefs and seafood distributors, gives him an edge.

CleanFish is the seafood that he is proud to promote, and the seafood that he puts on the table at home.

Angel Chapanov

Director of Supply Chain Planning & Logistics

Angel has ten years of logistical, importation, customs clearance, FDA, managerial, and operational experience, including more than four years in cold chain logistics in the biopharma industry. He has been responsible for the supply chain & logistics for companies such as Keurig Dr Pepper, Yankee Candle, Sylvania, and Raytheon, and has implemented various ERP systems while maintaining the supply chain process flowing smoothly. Additionally, Angel is fluent in Bulgarian and French and is an avid tennis player.

PJ Stoops

Director of Research and Development

PJ originally intended to teach high school history, but while studying at the University of Texas, Austin he tumbled headlong into the restaurant world. A few years in Austin restaurants led to southwest France, and then to northern Thailand. PJ returned in 2007 with more than just a few ideas about what Texas seafood could be. With a few coolers and a truck, he hit the docks, determined to bring the best of the Texas Gulf to Texas restaurants. He concentrated on bycatch as a way to both establish a niche market, and to reduce the waste of valuable, if unmarketed, fish. The bycatch movement helped show a generation of Texas chefs and restaurant patrons the bounty of Gulf waters. PJ, along with his wife Benchalak, is the author of Texas Seafood: A Guide and Cookbook, published by University of Texas Press, September 2019. They also together helmed the kitchen at Foreign Correspondents, one of Bon Appetit magazine’s “Best New Restaurants in America, 2016.”

For the past several years, PJ has championed the role of farming as an integral component of the modern seafood diet. As Director of Research and Development at CleanFish, PJ has the opportunity to work with closely with current and potential farmer producers, and to bring their story to distributors and chefs.  

Sales and Marketing

Kelly Haden

Director of Business Development

Growing up in San Diego, Kelly was exposed to the west coast tuna fishery at a very early age. Since that time, some 30 years back, Kelly had developed a deep-rooted passion for the seafood industry, and he is committed to the longevity of all seafood resources. Kelly has created and grown many relationships, touching all aspects of seafood. He has a solid background in sales, marketing, logistics, retail merchandising and distribution. Kelly learned the distribution/sales segment early on under Rich Polins, founder and owner of Landlock Seafood, now a part of Ocean Beauty. He then went on to become founder and operating partner of Mainstream Fish House, a Zagat-recognized seafood concept, and operated TJ’s Fish Market with his father. When Kelly’s father passed away, he sold their businesses and returned to the sales arena. Over the years, he fostered sales relationships, representing Ocean Garden, Icicle Seafoods and Cooke/True North Seafood Co. Kelly joined CleanFish in May of 2019, deeply committed to building the brand, sharing the story, and creating value-oriented solutions. He believes strongly in the CleanFish mission and is purpose-driven in spreading this mission to the seafood community.  

Alisha Lumea

Director of Marketing & Communications

Alisha brings a wealth of sustainable food marketing and communications experience, with a particular specialty in seafood. Named a ‘Tastemaker’ by Food & Wine Magazine, she knows her way around food trends and product positioning, and has worked throughout the value chain to forge partnerships and get compelling stories to the right ears.

Alisha is a returnee to CleanFish, having worked to build the company’s brand and marketing capacity from 2009-2011. Prior to rejoining CleanFish in 2019, Alisha was with the Food, Agriculture and Ingredient practice of the global communications agency Ketchum, and was a founding principal of Polished Brands, a boutique communications agency for food and beverage producers and projects. Before getting hooked on seafood, Alisha co-founded and ran the kitchen of CocoaVino, the first eco-luxury chocolate company, winning awards and critical acclaim internationally.

Frank Parisi

East Coast Sales & Operations Manager

Frank grew up in a Italian immigrant fishing family where his father and uncles all worked the sea for a living. He went stern trawling as a kid in high school and into college on the family-owned boat. After college, he worked in the family ship chandlery business, which lead to buying North Atlantic species on the wharf and trading with some of the biggest processors in Boston, like North Coast, Eastern Fish, and Globe Fish Co.

Frank was recruited by Whole Foods Market as a buyer first, and then sales to 175 stores on the eastern seaboard, finishing his tenure there as Facility Team Leader. After Whole Foods, he worked for Stavis Seafoods and Puritan Fish Co before CleanFish co-founder Dale Sims recruited him for the new venture. After five years with CleanFish, Frank left to start a retail division within the iconic Legal Seafoods restaurant chain, but he couldn’t stay away for long, and three years later he came back to CleanFish.

Will Rogers

West Coast Sales & Operations Manager

As a Seattle native, commercial fishing in Alaska was a big part of Will’s family growing up, and he fished commercially himself for four summers in Prince William Sound. After earning a degree in natural resources management with a concentration in fisheries and wildlife from Oregon State University, he entered the seafood industry full time. Will was on the management team for American Gold Seafood/Cooke Aquaculture Pacific, overseeing harvest, production and certifications as part of the team that accomplished BAP certifications for five marine sites and a freshwater hatchery. Prior to joining CleanFish, Will has held additional sales and business development roles with Icicle Seafoods, Keyport, and Blue Harvest Fisheries.


Rod Pinaroc

Accounts Payable

Rod is a senior accountant with 15 year of experience across multiple industries, including biotech, software, website, and seafood. He joined CleanFish in 2014.

Jennifer Por


Jennifer is a Bay Area-native and a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2014. She’s been on the accounting team at CleanFish since 2015.

Justin Harrison

Credit and Collections

Justin immigrated to San Francisco in 2007 with two cats. Since then, he’s added two more. While Justin has made his career in accounting, his true ambition is to become a crazy old cat man and Tori Amos' piano...concurrently.