At CleanFish we see sustainability not as a box to be checked but as a continuous goal. A farm does not simply become sustainable and then never change anything again. Knowledge, especially in the rapidly evolving field of aquaculture, never stops increasing — and we never stop trying to do better.


At CleanFish, we want you to know where your fish has been. Every product we represent is transparently traceable back to the place and people that raised it.

We require the producers we work with to be transparent with us about their practices just as they are transparent with the third-party auditors from a variety of sustainability certification and ratings organizations that help inform our decisions.


If a farm is to be truly working towards sustainability, then that farm — and the farmers who run it — must be committed to endlessly adapting to new circumstances, and endlessly re-examining every part of their operation. It’s an exhausting process, but it is the bedrock of responsible modern agriculture and aquaculture.

CleanFish is as dedicated to this as the farmers themselves. Through our onboarding process, which includes farmer self-reports, document reviews, and site visits, we ensure that the producer has robust, responsible, progressive, and practical strategies to deal with challenges common to the aquaculture industry.  


A  great fish on your plate depends on great people — and that means you too.

For producers to push the sustainability envelope and thrive requires conscious eaters who support them with their seafood choices. Chefs are using their power as tastemakers to support the best of aquaculture and introduce diners to seafood beyond what they've tasted before. Consumers are looking for answers and finding them in branded seafood that links them meaningfully back to the producers.

Working together, we can make a better food system, and a more sustainable future for all of us.