Mauritius Redfish


East of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean lies Mauritius, a 2,500-square-mile island blessed with a warm tropical climate and clear, clean water.  The people of Mauritius have always relied on the sea — for livelihoods, for fish, for trade — so responsible aquaculture was a natural fit for the island, and so was redfish.


the fish

Redfish are native to the Gulf of Mexico, the American Atlantic coast, and northern South America. They are members of the drum/croaker family — all of which are well-known as sport and table fish. In the US, redfish is generally considered the best eating of all American drum species. In fact, its reputation was almost its downfall. Overfishing in the past led to closures of most American fisheries, so today most available redfish is farmed.   

Mauritius redfish from Ferme Marine de Mahebourg offer a superior flavor profile compared to other farmed redfish due to the clean marine pen environment of the Indian Ocean where they are raised. Most other farmed redfish are raised in earthen ponds and not the ocean, resulting in a flat, unremarkable taste.

the farm

In 2003, a coterie of Mauritian entrepreneurs set on a mission — raising world-class fish at world-class facilities, all on the island and employing the local community. From this inspiration, Ferme Marine de Mahebourg (FMM) was born. In searching for species best suited to the warm Indian Ocean waters, they found redfish.  

In marine pens just offshore of Mauritius, the fish grow out in spacious conditions with low stocking densities. Divers inspect the nets daily to maintain net integrity and monitor stock health. Maintaining the highest animal welfare standards and preserving the surrounding environment dictates all measures taken by FMM, including careful site selection, regular site monitoring for biodiversity, benthic zone status and water quality, effluent treatment and maintenance of engines.


In the Kitchen

Along the Gulf and Lower Atlantic coasts, few fish inspire as much loyalty and love as redfish. Its white flesh is delicate enough to fry and firm enough to grill. It’s well suited to raw dishes, like ceviche, too. Its mild flavor makes it a perfect counterpoint to strong flavors and bold spices — as evidenced by Paul Prudhomme’s famous “Blackened Redfish.”


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