CleanFish Launches #BENEFISHAL Campaign

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Updated May 17, 2019

CleanFish’s call to the seafood industry to tell its good stories on social media is making waves with coverage in Intrafish, Undercurrent, Fast Company, PR Week, and Seafood Source.

If we who know aquaculture best won't speak up in its defense, we'll never realize its potential.

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Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) gets behind #benefishal campaign

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April 22, 2019 — The sustainable seafood company CleanFish is encouraging the seafood industry — from farmers, to scientists, to chefs and retailers — to take to social media with their good stories about aquaculture, their promising research, and their hopes for the future — and tag them #BENEFISHAL so communities online can follow along.

Despite dramatic advances in the sustainability of aquaculture, new certifications and standards, and recognition with improved ratings for farmed fish by groups like Seafood Watch, public perception lags behind the science. When aquaculture is compared to land-based animal farming in particular, the environmental benefits of farming seafood, from water use to carbon footprint, are especially impressive.

"Most of us in the industry know how incredibly sustainable aquaculture can be, and lament to each other how the 'wild=good, farmed=bad' narrative continues even after so much evidence to the contrary," says CleanFish Marketing and Communications Director Alisha Lumea.

The hashtag #BENFISHAL is in direct response to the recently released, Patagonia-sponsored documentary film ARTIFISHAL which critiques the efficacy of hatcheries in wild fisheries and then slams marine pen farming without acknowledging the beneficial role aquaculture can play in feeding the world.

This #BENEFISHAL campaign is not intended to promote any single fish or producer. The hope is that the industry will get behind it to promote aquaculture and move the story forward.

"If we who know aquaculture best won't speak up in its defense, we'll never realize its potential," adds Lumea.

Join the conversation! Tag your stories and research on aquaculture #benefishal and follow along on twitter and Instagram.