CleanFish Sponsors Chefs Feed Indie Week, Boston

CFIW photos.png

CleanFish sponsored a gathering of 24 chefs (12 from Boston, 12 from elsewhere in the country) to introduce King Kampachi to them and over 400 food-loving members of the public who attended the three 12-course dinners through the traveling chef retreat and dinner series known as Chefs Feed Indie Week.

King Kampachi was featured in a different dish cooked by a different chef each night

THURSDAY — King Kampachi Ceviche, Purple Yam, Pickled Fresno, White Soy, Summer Corn & Tsar Nicoulai Caviar by Tracy Change of PAGU in Cambridge, MA

FRIDAY — King Kampachi, Coconut Arepa, Fermented Cabbage, & Morita Oil by Jamilka Borges of Lorelei in Pittsburgh, PA

SUNDAY — Seared King Kampachi, Local Sugar Snaps, Miso-Mustard, Mushroom Sauce, Pickled Chive Blossom by Seizi Imura of Cafe Sushi in Cambridge, MA and Meghann Ward of Tapestry in Boston, MA

On Sunday morning, CleanFish and Wulf’s Fish co-hosted the chefs for a fish cutting demonstration by Wulf’s master fish cutter Bala Paiva and sustainability Q&A with the team.